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Personnel Agencies of the Foreign States. Cooperation with


Personnel Agencies of the Foreign States. Cooperation with Turkmenistan.

The foreign companies which carry out selection of the staff for work in the companies of these countries in territory of Turkmenistan can publish free-of-charge announcements of vacancies.

Also there is an opportunity for the order of Information advertising page with the name of the Agency on our site.

On page will be: a trade mark, the text with the information on Agency, contacts, the form of a feedback (that our visitors directly from this form could send the electronic letter), the reference {link} (banner) to the main site of Agency. Also we shall inform a special e-mail address by means of which you can add news on your page. News will be published in Блоге (separate of a site) and automatically a tape to pass to page of Agency.

Cost of creation of page 100 of Euro (100 US dollars, 4000 Russian roubles or 900 Ukrainian currency).

Payment can be made on our electronic purse, a credit card or a method of bank translation {transfer}.

If there is an interest, please, write to us the Letter – acknowledgement {confirmation} (the letter of guarantee on payment), having specified a way of payment convenient for you. To the letter attach files (a graphic trade mark, the text, the contact information referring to your site and e-mail).

We receive your letter, we create page, we inform you directly from this page, and you, within 2-3 working days pay.

The information page has no limitation period!

The basic text will not vary, and the news you will add all by e-mail.

If there is a desire in Advertising on other site « the Internet-portal about Business and Cooperation with Turkmenistan » please visit{attend} the offer

In Russian http://turkmenbusiness.info/index/0-115

Or in English http://turkmenbusiness.info/index/0-116.

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The navigator for Business in Turkmenistan

This site is created specially for search of partners to advertise their goods (production, services) in territory of Turkmenistan.

On our site various advertising services in Turkmenistan are offered.

We can provide both advertising in the Internet, and express services on all territory of Turkmenistan, for distribution of promotional materials, performance of assignments (orders) on search of partners, granting of the necessary information on business in Turkmenistan, about Laws of Turkmenistan.

Let’s assist in registration of branch or representation in Turkmenistan.

Let’s provide with Representation services.

The command “Turkmen Business” — your reliable partner in the market of Turkmenistan!

It is possible, that we have missed something, and are ready to answer all interesting questions.

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